Vintage Mustang: Cobra Brake & Wheel Kits

The Vintage Venom Cobra Disc Brake and Wheel Conversion kits enable you to use 1999-2004 Cobra Mustang brake components and 17" wheels from any SN95 (94-04) Mustang.

Application: 1964 - 1973 Mustang / Cougar

Drum brake cars with 8" or 9" small bearing rear axles

Curious about installation? Click here to check out the technical installation article in Modified Mustangs & Fords Magazine!


******Note: New Product Improvement!******

Based on customer feedback and surveys we now include custom ARP wheels studs that are sized to your vintage hubs and axles! Easy press-in installation, no more honing of the holes required!

The Vintage Venom full disc brake conversion kit offers a comprehensive solution to upgrading your vintage setup to late model performance and looks. This meticulously engineered kit utilizes the highest quality materials & hardware available.

Mustang Cobra Full Disc Brake Conversion Kit

4-Wheel Kit #: VFR13BWKIT

***New Price - Includes Custom ARP Wheel Studs!***



($60 S&H to Canada)

$495.00 Total


Simply the front half of the above VFR13BWKIT

***New Price - Includes Custom ARP Wheel Studs!***


$20.00 S&H (US)

($50 S&H to Canada)
$319.00 Total


Simply the rear half of the above VFR13BWKIT

***New Price - Includes Custom ARP Wheel Studs!***


$20.00 S&H (US)

($50 S&H to Canada)

$219.00 Total

SN95 Front and Rear Hoses w/banjos

Add all 4 Hoses, Banjo Bolts & Crush Washers to your 4-wheel kit!

(Complete VFR13BWKIT Plus hoses, banjos and washers)

Note: Includes both coarse and fine thread front banjos to fit all applications


4-Wheel Kit #: VFR13BWKIT-HOS

***New Price - Includes Custom ARP Wheel Studs!***



($60 S&H to Canada)

$595.00 Total

These high quality, professionally engineered Disc Conversion kits are by far the most cost-effective way to put late model big brakes on your vintage Mustang or Cougar. Components are manufactured to OEM or higher specifications.

Enables using the brakes from 1994-2004 Mustang Cobra, Mach I and Cobra "R" and SN95 wheels:

  • Front Rotor: 330mm (13.0") dia 1994 - 2004 Cobra, Bullitt, Mach I
  • Rear Rotor: 296mm (11.7") dia 1994 - 2004 Cobra, Bullitt, Mach I
  • Front Caliper: 1999 - 2004 PBR aluminum twin piston 40.5mm (1.59") dia or 2000 Mustang Cobra "R" Brembo four piston racing calipers.
  • Rear Caliper: 1994 - 2004 Cobra, Bullitt, Mach I
  • Wheels: 1994 - 2004 17"x8" (30mm offset) GT, Cobra, Bullitt, Mach I......OE or Aftermarket.

What's Included

  • Vintage Venom's adapter brackets Front Disc Kit Aluminum Conversion

    (6061-T6 Billet Aircraft Aluminum)
    These specifically engineered brackets enable you to use late model calipers with your original drum brake spindles and axle.
  • Rotor Adapters

    (6061-T6 Billet Aircraft Aluminum)
    These specifically engineered adapters are fully hub, rotor, and wheel piloted. Designed to factory specification to utilize late model Cobra rotors (330mm/13in Front & 296mm/11.65" Rear) on your original drum brake hubs and axle.
  • Mounting Hardware

    (Zinc plated Grade 8 and 10+)
    • ARP wheel studs (grade 10+)
    • Anchor bracket fastening bolts (grade 8)
    • Anchor bracket fastening nuts (prevailing torque, grade 8)
    • Caliper mounting bolts (grade 10.9)
    • Washers (both AN and grade 10.9)
  • Detailed tech support web site

    Site includes extensive step by step coverage of all aspects of assembly, including plenty of high resolution color photos covering every detail of the conversion. Note, it is not necessary to remove your spindles or re-align the front end for installation.
  • Complete parts list for all other needed components is included

A Few Configurations Possible Utilizing This kit:


Cobra Mustang Conversion KitBullitt Caliper Conversion KitBrembo Brake Conversion Kit
Cobra Mustang Conversion Kit MountedBullitt Caliper Conversion MountedBrembo Brake Conversion Kit Mounted

See the Wheel Options page for more wheel alternatives...


Cobra Rear Assy

*For packages including brake components, please see the "Brake Packages" page.
* For Rear Brake Only kits (no wheel spacers), please see the "Cobra Rear Disc Brake Kit" page.

What FRONT spindles do I need?

The kit was designed to utilize the most common spindle for the vintage Mustang, Cougar and other small Ford cars..... the 5 lug drum brake spindle. One point to take note of is that for Mustang applications from 1964 - 1967 the drum and disc spindles were the same at the brake mounting interface. For those year applications, you can simply unbolt the OE caliper bracket and bolt on the Vintage Venom caliper bracket. For later years, if you have drum are good to go. If you have OE disc brakes, you will need to install a set of drum brake spindles in order to utilize our kits. Drum brake spindles can easily be found at vintage salvage yards or on E-bay.

Tire size info:

Suggested front tire sizing for 1964 - 1966 cars is 225/45/17. However, on 1967 - 1973 cars can use up to 245/45/17. While it was not necessary on our 1967, depending on fitment of fenders, some slight lip rolling may be necessary. On all years, rear wheel wells can accommodate larger tires than front wheel wells.